The name of the association is The Society of Chinese-American Aerospace Engineers. The association may also be known by its acronym SCAAE, or by its Chinese equivalent.

The Society of Chinese-American Aerospace Engineers is a professional organization founded to advance the well being of Chinese-American aerospace engineers. The Society does not and shall not have any partisan affiliation, domestic or foreign. No other organization shall control or direct any of its activities. The Society and its members shall not violate any applicable laws of the United States of America, including but not limiting to laws governing classified information.


Members shall be citizens or permanent residents of the United States,and shall have a bachelor or advanced degree(s) in engineering or sciences or equivalent qualification, and shall have a minimum of two (2)years of working experience in the aerospace industry. All branch members who meet the above qualifications automatically assume the Society's membership.

Organization & Operation

1. The Society of Chinese-American Aerospace Engineers currently 20 consists of the following three branches (listed in the sequence of time of establishment):

          Society of Chinese-American Aerospace Engineers/ West

          Society of Chinese-American Aerospace Engineers/ South

          Society of Chinese-American Aerospace Engineers/ Northwest

2. Each branch is independently operated. The bylaws of each branch shall not contradict or violate the bylaws of the Society.

3. The Board Directors are assigned through the recommendation of each branch in the way described below:

          For the first one hundred (100) or less members, each branch may assign four (4)directors.

          Beyond 100 members, each branch may assign one more director for every additional one hundred or less members.

4. The Society has two elected positions: Chairman of the Board and President. They are elected by the directors in a board meeting. The terms of their offices are one (1) year. They may be consecutively re-elected 20 once for the same position in the following year. The Chairman and the President cannot come from the same branch of the Society.Furthermore,the Branch Presidents cannot be the President or the Chairman of the Board 20 of the Society.

5. The Society will coordinate and promote interactions and cooperation among all branches, it will hold national annual convention, publish SCAAE Journal, and conduct large-scale technical seminars. To the outside world, it will handle communication, cooperation programs, exchange programs, and act as a focal point of contact for all branches.

6. The Society will have at least one board meeting per year. A board meeting may be called by Chairman of the Board, President, or equal or more than one third (1/3) of directors who co-sign a written meeting notification. The Society's mailing address is same as the current year President's address

7. Each branch of the Society shall pay the total directorship due to the Society based on the number of Directors. The amount of due for each directorship is determined by the Board at the beginning of each year.

8. To revise the Bylaws and/or to remove a director from the Board, it requires:

          (a) At least two-third (2/3) of directors to attend a board meeting

          (b) Approval votes from more than two-third (2/3) of attendees in such a board meeting

9. The Chairman of the Board's and the President's responsibility and duty are as follows:

The Chairman of the Board is in charge of calling board meetings,conducting elections, formulating plans for future development.

The President is in charge of executing the programs and plans specified by the Board, conducting activities and managing finance (with approvals from the Board and signature concurrence of the Chairman of the Board). To the outside world, the President is the first representative and the Chairman of the Board is the second representative for the Society.