2014 SCAAE West Executive Committees

-------------Approved by Board in January 2014

1. Annual Convention (George Wang, Tony Pan)

a. Select and deploy convention service teams.
b. Plan, organize, and coordinate convention-related activities.

2. Annual Seminar (Dugang Z., George W.)

a. Work with the Board to identify and select seminar speakers.
b. Plan and organize convention seminar including seminar sponsors.

3. Annual Journal (David Lin, Diane Li)

a. Plan, organize and coordinate Journal preparation, editing, and publishing tasks.

4. Newsletters (Diane Li)

a. Collect and publish regular newsletters to the Board and general members.

5. Website Design and Maintenance (David Lin)

a. Collect new materials/info from Board members.
b. Re-design the existing website and perform regular update/maintenance.

6. Membership Services (Hong Yuan, Diane Li)

a. Maintain and update membership database and mailing list.
b. Plan and coordinate new member recruitment.

7. Public Relation & Fund Raising (George W. Tony P.)

a. Identify and invite news media for SCAAE special events.
b. Plan and coordinate fund raising drive.

8. University Liaison (George W., Tony P,)

a. Contact university professors on SCAAE activities and career opportunities.
b. Help member service team to recruit student (associate) members.

9. Industry Liaison (Eric Yang, George W. Tony P.)

a. Promote corporate sponsorship to SCAAE activities.
b. Expand membership to other aerospace companies besides Boeing & Honeywell.

10. International Liaison (Charles Lee*, Nelson Mar)

a. Coordinate Global Chinese Aeronautic Conference.
b. Bridge oversea aerospace organizations and business opportunities.

11. SCAAE Operating Guidelines (Phil Oyoung*, TBD)

a. Draft and compile SCAAE standard operating procedures and guidelines.

12. Entertainment, Travel, Fun Activities (George W. Tony P., Phil Oyoung)

a. Plan and organize friendship-building activities such as party, sports, picnic,
camping, and group traveling etc.
b. Work with Fund Raising team to raise fund for SCAAE Foundation through such activities
if appropriate.